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august 15, 2019
can we talk about self-esteem

Summer is almost over and the new school year is fast approaching which can cause a lot of feelings and emotions for children and teens. Summer time may have been difficult for everyone’s self-esteem, especially youth due to being disconnected from....READ MORE

june 18, 2019
exams are stressful

Exam season is here for a lot of students, whether it’s primary, secondary or post secondary. Exam season and tests can bring up a lot of anxiety and....READ MORE

april 15, 2019
losing control of emotions

With so many things going around us it's hard for both adults and kids to control their emotions all the time.  But why is that?....READ MORE

january 23, 2019
what is a growth mindset?

There are two types of mindsets when it comes to the way we learn and grow, fixed mindset and growth mindset. Professor and Researcher Carol Dweck created the concept of growth mindset, which is a perception of “Self Theory.” The importance of growth mindset is....READ MORE

December 21, 2018
Coping with grief over the holidays

Coping with grief is hard. Coping with grief during the holidays can be even harder. Whether you are someone dealing with grief or helping a loved one deal with their grief, it is important to know that every feeling is okay, emotions do not....READ MORE

april 3, 2017
Curling parents.....say what?!

Helicopter parents are said to be overprotective and always hovering over their children in order to shield them from any negative experiences and often take over and complete tasks at the first sign of difficulty. Helicopter parents are....READ MORE


​january 18, 2017
trauma recovery - find your road​

​Traumatic events can be experienced in many different ways and effect people much differently; not all trauma leads to PTSD.  The effects of trauma can be emotional, psychological and even physical and manifest immediately after....READ MORE

January 10, 2016
Spinning the Emotions Wheel

Describing emotions can be hard for children, youth and even adults.  A lot of children will become frustrated and upset when they can't convey how they feel or can't find the right word to describe what's happening inside them.  This can....READ MORE