exams are stressful!

Test Anxiety 

Exam season is here for a lot of students, whether it’s primary, secondary or post secondary. Exam season and tests can bring up a lot of anxiety and stressful thoughts at any age. 

When it comes to test anxiety, its about figuring out where your feelings of anxiety come from. Is it lack of preparation? Test nerves? Feeling like you won’t have enough time? 

Change the Way you Think

A major way to overcome test anxiety is to change the way you think about the test. These negative thoughts tend to get you ‘psyched out’; if you tell yourself something enough, you will start to believe. Try turning these negative thoughts into more realistic and rational ones:

  • “I’m going to fail” changes to “I’m prepared and I’m going to pass!”
  • “Everyone will think I’m stupid” changes to “I’ve worked really hard and I can't worry about what people think of me”
  • “I should have studied more” changes to “I studied as much as I could and I know the material”

Turning the negative thoughts into more realistic and rational thoughts can make a big difference with how you handle your test anxiety.

Tips for Test Preparation

Study: ensuring you know the material is very important to be prepared for an exam or test. Don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher so that you know exactly what to expect from the test. 
Get organized: Organizing the material and making a study schedule is important for succeeding in getting everything you need to know done in a certain time frame. 
Take breaks: Studying is important but over studying can actually do more harm than good. Not taking breaks can result in build up of all those negative thoughts mentioned before. Schedule you breaks, take a walk, exercise, and make time for family and friends. This will build your confidence and lower your stress levels. 
Get a good sleep: Staying awake all night to cram for an exam will cause you to feel tired the next day which will make it harder to focus and remember everything you studied.