Telemental Health

Telemental Health, Online/Phone Therapy, Video Counselling……..

I’m sure many of you have seen all of these terms thrown around over the last week or so and been asked by your therapist to transition your sessions to a new way of doing things.  Really these terms all mean the same thing….that you may be pushed outside of the comfort zone of your therapist’s cozy office and into the world of telemental health.  

So What is Telemental Health?

Telemental health, or online/phone therapy, is a way to meet with a mental health professional through an online platform. Whether it be a voice call or video chat on a secure program, people are now able to access therapy services remotely. This is especially important as it allows you to continue working towards your wellness goals and get additional support for this challenging time of self-isolation.

Benefits of Telemental Health 

  • Create More Access - Telemental makes it easy for all people to have access to therapy, especially in our new reality of having to stay home and social/physical distancing. As things return to normal though, and they will, we can also use telemental health for increased access during summers at the cottage, winters of being snowed it or in times when we may have a tight schedule at work and school.
  • Flatten The Curve - Whether you’re on social media, watching the news, or chatting with family and friends (only on video or online!), people are talking about how we need to flatten the curve.  Practicing social/physical distancing when you have to go out or go to work and staying home are the new reality while we work together to fight the spread of COVID-19.  You and your therapist can do their part by only conducting telemental health sessions.
  • Effectiveness - Sometimes the question arises of whether telemental health is as effective as in-person counselling and the research shows that it is.  Studies show that client’s find telemental health to be as credible and effective as in-person sessions and clients were satisfied that they could build a strong therapeutic relationship with their therapist and work towards their wellness goals in a productive way. 

So, what are you waiting for?  Push yourself out of your comfort zone and get the support you require through telemental health.